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pg_stat_kcache 2.1 is out

il y a 1 mois et 1 semaine

Wait Events support for PoWA

il y a 1 mois et 2 semaines

Diagnostic of an unexpected slowdown

il y a 1 mois et 3 semaines

A new Mailing List for PostgreSQL Graphic Tools Developers

il y a 7 mois et 1 semaine

Join the conversation to build better GUI for Postgres ! Last year, we organized a meeting in Warsaw, Poland to discuss and share experience on...

Major French companies officially asking sofware vendors to support PostgreSQL

il y a 8 mois et 3 semaines

The French PostgreSQL Cross-Enterprise Work Group, a non-profit organization advocating for the adoption and use of PostgreSQL, just published an open letter to all software...

Let's build better graphic tools for PostgreSQL

il y a 10 mois et 1 jour

The very first PostgreSQL Graphic Tools Developer Meeting happened last week during PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2017 in Warsaw. The meeting gathered 16 developpers repesenting 14...

PAF 2.2 rc1 released

il y a 12 mois et 2 jours

The first release candidate of the PAF resource agent for Pacemaker has been released yesterday. Continue Reading »

Temboard Quick Start

il y a 1 année et 6 mois

The next challenge for the PostgreSQL community is to provide feature rich and well-designed graphic tools to manage several instances. This is a domain where...

PAF, auto failover and more at 2016

il y a 1 année et 9 mois

You will find the slides of my talk here: Continue Reading »

PostgreSQL Magazine presents : The Paper Elephant #01

il y a 1 année et 9 mois

The PostgreSQL Magazine project is back with an original concept named The Paper Elephant : a folded newspaper with a dynamic look & feel. As...

6 reasons to choose PostgreSQL 9.6

il y a 1 année et 11 mois

PostgreSQL 9.6 was released a few days ago and it’s another huge milestone for the PostgreSQL community ! The release notes are way too long,...

Minimizing tuple overhead

il y a 1 année et 11 mois

Restarting PostgreSQL Magazine in a new format

il y a 2 années et 1 mois

TL;DR : With the kind support of PostgreSQL Europe, I am launching a new edition of the PostgreSQL Magazine in an innovative paper format. The...

DB2toPG, an automated tool for DB2 migration

il y a 2 années et 6 mois

Tired of your old DB2 databases ? Here’s a new migration kit that will ship your data to PostgreSQL ! Marc Cousin, one of my...

Estimating Needed Memory for a Sort

il y a 3 années et 1 semaine

How About Hypothetical Indexes ?

il y a 3 années et 1 mois

Import foreign schema support in Multicorn

il y a 3 années et 4 mois

Some of you may have noticed that support for the IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA statement has landed in the PostgreSQL source tree last july. This new...

Talking About OPM and PoWA at

il y a 3 années et 5 mois

70 Shades of Postgres

il y a 3 années et 5 mois

Support for the SQL/MED standard was introduced in PostgreSQL 9.1 (2011). Four years later, we now have more the 70 Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) available,...

pg_stat_kcache 2.0

il y a 3 années et 5 mois

PoWA 2 ! Moving Fast and Breaking Things

il y a 3 années et 5 mois

Yesterday, DALIBO released the second major version of PoWA, the PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer. We’re kind of proud of what we’ve achieved with this new release,...

New repository for bloat estimation queries

il y a 3 années et 6 mois

It’s been almost a year now that I wrote the first version of the btree bloat estimation query. Then, came the first fixes, the bloat...

Introducing PostgreSQL Dashboard

il y a 3 années et 6 mois

A real-time monitoring screen based on Dashing and Sinatra PostgreSQL Dashboard is simple monitoring tool that provides a live activity report of a PostgreSQL instance....

Partitioning and constraints part 1 - UNIQUE

il y a 3 années et 6 mois

Partitioning in PostgreSQL has been an artisanal work for a long time now. And despite the current discussion running since few month on PostgreSQL’s hackers...

pg_qualstats - 1st part

il y a 3 années et 6 mois

pg_qualstats is a new extension allowing you to collect statistics about what predicates are effectively executed on your PostgreSQL instance, sponsored by Dalibo This post...

PoWA 1.2.1 is out !

il y a 3 années et 7 mois

We’ve just released a new version of PoWA, the PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer. Check out complete release note here. This new version adds an highly requested...

Rendez-vous at FOSDEM 2015

il y a 3 années et 7 mois

As in previous years, Dalibo will particpate to FOSDEM 2015 the greatest FLOSS event in Europe which is held from Jan. 31 to Feb. 1...

Btree bloat query - part 4

il y a 3 années et 9 mois

Thanks to the various PostgreSQL environments we have under monitoring at Dalibo, these Btree bloat estimation queries keeps challenging me occasionally because of statistics deviation…or...

Bloat estimation for tables

il y a 3 années et 11 mois

After my Btree bloat estimation query, I found some time to work on a new query for tables. The goal here is still to have...

Btree bloat query changelog - part 3

il y a 3 années et 11 mois

Here are some fresh news about my previous work (see part 1 and part 2) on a better Btree bloat query. Continue Reading »

More work and thoughts on index bloat estimation query

il y a 4 années et 2 mois

A few weeks ago, I published a query to estimate index bloat. Since then, I went back on this query a few times to fix...

Playing with indexes and better bloat estimate

il y a 4 années et 5 mois

Most of the PostgreSQL DBAs might know about this large bloat estimate query integrated in check_postgres. It is supposed to compute a rough estimate of...

pgBadger is moving fast

il y a 5 années et 9 mois

When the pgBadger project started 6 month ago, our primary goal was to build a better performance tool for PostgreSQL. We also wanted it to...

Normalizing queries for pg_stat_statements < 9.2

il y a 6 années et 3 semaines

If you follow PostgreSQL’s development or Depesz’ blog, you might know that pg_stat_statement extension is getting a lot of improvement in 9.2 and especially is...