Dalibo offers 11 different training courses split in 5 main tracks: Administration, Performances, Development, Transition to PostgreSQL and SIG for geo data.

Dalibo, certified training organization

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a PostgreSQL Cooperative

Recommandation rate: 96%

Satisfaction rate: 88%


  • DBA1 -
    PostgreSQL Administration
  • DBA2 -
    PostgreSQL Advanced Administration
  • DBA3 -
    PostgreSQL Backup and Replication
  • HAPAT -
    PostgreSQL High Availability


  • PERF1 -
    PostgreSQL Performances
  • PERF2 -
    Advanced SQL and Indexing


  • DEVPG -
    Coding with SQL

Switch to PostgreSQL

  • DBAADM -
    PostgreSQL Administration for experimented DBA
    Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Interested in PostGIS ?

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  • SIG1 -
    PostGIS for beginners
  • SIG2 -
    Advanced PostGIS


Skills validation ?

We launched a French PostgresSQL certification program.

Audit PostgreSQL

Plus de détails sur le déroulement des formations, le lieu, les modalités, etc.

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